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Improving customer acquisition through meaningful product presentation.


PoEdit is a multi-platform desktop app for translating apps and websites, with over 60k of monthly active users. We were asked to update its marketing website to better articulate the core value proposition and as a result improve its baseline conversion rate.


Thanks to a diagnostic approach we uncovered how to better qualify leads and convert them into paying customers, by funneling prospects to a landing page made specifically for paid upgrades.

The updated content and overall design did a much better job at selectivity, by focusing on two core audiences: professional translators and software developers.

As maintainability was a key focus, we delivered a cohesive design system and style guide, to help the client continue producing accessible content in line with the new look and feel.

Project Scope

  • Redesign with a particular focus on customer acquisition.
  • Provide a better mobile experience via responsive web design.
  • Optimise experience to facilitate download and purchase actions.
  • Remove technical debt with a modern, maintainable codebase.


User Journeys, Copywriting


Web, NodeJS


Strategy, Concept, UX, UI

PoEdit customer benefits
"Features" presented as customer benefits.
PoEdit style guide
Partial style guide for PoEdit
PoEdit mobile pages
Responsive implementation focused on great readability on mobiles
PoEdit website hero illustration
Homepage illustration for PoEdit by Adrian Lam


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