Sustainable growth for digital products and services.

We help entrepreneurs and product managers reduce churn rate and enable customer success through user-centric design and strategy.

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Entrepreneurs face a number of growth challenges when they venture past startup days with their SaaS products.

Hitting a steady bottom line growth, increasing a number of quality leads, or reducing churn rates are problems we know how to approach from the outset.

What we do

Product Design Consulting

Discover an optimal execution of an idea and set your product on course towards a steady bottom line growth and profitability with our user-centred approach.

Experience Design

Reduce churn, stay on-target of your monthly recurring revenue, and ensure complete customer satisfaction with your product execution.

Early-stage Prototyping

Showcase a product prototype to prospective investors and increase your chances at securing outside capital, or simply test your ideas in the wild.

High-performance Websites

Generate more quality leads, and improve awareness of your products and services, by directing traffic to fast and informative landing pages.

landing page showcase on a macbook pro

Who we work with

Product Companies

Software-as-a-Service is an incredibly competitive market. We help our clients stay ahead of the competition, by taking their already stable product to the next level and translate great customer experience into a steady growth.

App Makers

Software engineers have the chops to overcome even the biggest technical hurdles in their field, but they often lack a solid bridge between their products and their audience. We help them convert visitors into paying customers.

These folks trusted our expertise:

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How we help clients win

The clients we work with believe that running a sustainable and profitable business is more important than cashing out at a first opportunity; long-term, strategic success instead of short-term gain.

We support these ideals by putting audience at the centre of what we do, and this in turn builds customer success and long-term loyalty, so important in business.

Our approach is holistic and data-driven; there is no room for subjectivity when the final output is measured against clear project and business goals.

Because the winning formula is slightly different from business to business, we use a comprehensive diagnostic process to minimise the risks, determine strategy, and figure out how to apply it to each project individually.

“These guys are pixel perfectionists. Working with MADBIT was a charm as they understood what we wanted to achieve and even suggested design and usability adjustments that we did not anticipate.”

— Sebastian Scherl, founder of tigerVPN

In 2012, tigerVPN asked us to help them design a new, user-centric and plug-and-play VPN connectivity service, then bring it to the mainstream.

Within 6 weeks we developed a strategy and design for a marketing website that started to generate product awareness and build trust, later converting quality leads to paying customers at an exceptional rate. Customer-centric account dashboard followed later on.

tigerVPN reached their goals quickly: the product generated a consistent profit within just a few months following launch. In addition, they secured funding and support from Voxility, one of the biggest Infrastructure-as-a-Service providers in Europe.

Complementary Diagnostic

Take a free 30-minute consulation to asses your vision and goals, after which you will:

  • better understand the challenges ahead of you
  • possible outcomes and how to reach them
  • get pricing guidance

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