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In March 2017, we launched a brand new online store for Printdesigns, a renown supplier of quality exhibition display hardware and printed products in the UK. This was followed by an extensive UX work over the course of the summer.


Our task was to create a practical eCommerce design for Printdesigns' store that could accommodate unique needs of the business, and at the same time make it easier for their audience to find and buy exactly the things they need for their next event.

We designed the new store to be fully accessible on mobile devices and focused on providing a smooth and assuring user experience. This enabled visitors to purchase items and manage orders on the go, without the need to download apps or switching to a desktop computer.

In order to accomplish all of this, we had to create a new digital strategy for Printdesigns, centred around the needs of their audience.

Our contributions

  • Audience Research
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Digital Strategy
  • Creative Direction
  • Responsive UI/UX Design
  • Platform Integration (CS-Cart)
  • Web Development
  • Quality Assurance

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ux design process details

Research & Discovery

Our team started by conducting in-depth audience research and competitive analysis before running discovery and strategy workshops. We wanted to determine the core pain points in the business and make sure the client goals were aligned with the audience needs.

The website had to be designed with mobiles in mind, contain useful product information, and have an easy to complete checkout. The emphasis was placed on providing as much value to the audience as possible, while strengthening the brand image.

Design & Prototyping

Creating an optimal customer experience

After identifying core issues and creating an effective project strategy, we worked on the information architecture and user experience design, to ensure all pages load fast, are easy to navigate and contain only information relevant to the audience.

Leading creative direction, we gave the store a unique feel with bespoke photography and clear typography. Having your own product photos taken in-house is sometimes difficult, but we wanted to differentiate Printdesigns from the rest of the pack.

An important element of the project was to spend time to gather customer feedback and make sure we have not overlooked anything important. Some of the results of our work on user experience design and digital strategy included:

  • Context-aware product filtering;
  • Context-aware delivery options;
  • Product key selling points as short description;
  • Product technical specifications;
  • Downloadable product templates and information packs;
  • Customer re-assurance via appropriate micro-copy and follow-up;
  • Assembly videos for selected products as a reference;
  • Live chat to ensure optimal customer service.
product options


ecommerce checkout

How do you ensure the checkout process is as easy as possible?

The checkout process appears simple only on paper. What often troubles the customer are all the little bits that we typically do not consider worthy of attention, such as the experience of filling in order details.

We took a hard look at the information Printdesigns needed to process an order and removed all but required form elements. Since we eliminated second-guessing which fields you needed to fill in, we didn’t have to confuse customers with differentiating between “required” and “optional” field states. The process also defaults to using the same address for billing and delivery, covering most use cases.

Printdesigns used to have 6 different delivery options and 4 for handling payment. Now there are just three delivery options, and the audience sees only those relevant to them, based on their delivery address. Payment is taken care of via Stripe, while PayPal remains as a convenient fallback method for those who already use it elsewhere.

design render on iMac display in Google Chrome

The Results



Conversion Rate




Despite launching the new website on a tight schedule, Printdesigns was satisfied with the initial results. With just basics of eCommerce implemented, and only a little marketing effort behind the new website, we were thrilled to see sales improving over the course of the weeks following launch.

By focusing on the needs of the audience, we have been able to improve not just the sales performance but also engagement and discovery of products. A nice side effect of a transition to a more modern platform was a decrease in the order processing time, as well as better customer service ratings.

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